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I truly value feedback. Below you will find testimonials from my current clients as well as an option to leave your own. Thank you!

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It Connects your Mind & Body

I had a great experience with Darlene, she made me comfortable and relaxed. She has an amazing bedside manner and is very professional. Darlene was able to give me great knowledge on what reiki is, and also explained our session thoroughly. I will definitely be going back for more sessions and I highly recommend her services. Reiki is an amazing modality that needs to be put in the forefront of healing, it connects your mind and body and Darlene will establish a peaceful experience through her personalized sessions. I felt amazing and refreshed!


   -Heather Reynolds

My Reiki Experience

My first Reiki Experience was with Darlene. She is very informative and welcoming. At first I was nervous and was trying not to giggle. I laid down, focused on my breathing, closed my eyes, and fell into a deep state of relaxation. It was very calming and rejuvenating! I had the greatest night's sleep after my session!     


                     -Diana Rapine

A Spiritual Journey

Darlene is an amazing Reiki Master and I enjoy every time I have had a session. She explained everything very thoroughly prior to the session and takes great care in listening to what areas to focus on. I have had multiple sessions with her and each time it makes me feel better as well as more open spiritually. She has also performed Reiki on my two cocker spaniels, and they love it. My female cocker spaniel always jumps up with me during a virtual session and she is so relaxed afterwards. My male cocker spaniel injured his back and Darlene did virtual sessions on him over a week. He healed so quickly and was acting like his old self in no time with her sessions as well as with resting. I would highly recommend having multiple sessions with her as it gets better each time. She truly takes you on a healing spiritual journey. She has the best energy and I look forward to each of my sessions.


                          - Megan Elliott

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