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Meet Darlene

Certified Usui & Karuna Reiki® Master, & Teacher

Hello, my name is Dee.  I am a certified Usui & Karuna Reiki® Master and Teacher. 

Reiki is a gift we all share and have the ability to use to whatever degree we choose.  I consider this skill my calling and it’s my absolute pleasure to invite you to experience the gentle art of universal energy healing with me.


Reiki -What to Expect

Discover the comfort, nurture and support that feels like a hug you’ve been longing for.  Dress casually to lie on a table or sit in a chair.  Reiki is highly adaptable to physical impairments, special needs and different settings.  The session will start between you and your Reiki Practitioner discussing any health concerns, your intentions and expectations prior to beginning energy healing.  When you are ready, the Reiki Practitioner will take a few cleansing breaths to focus and then begin.  Using graceful, sweeping hand motions inches above your body and occasional light touches, positive energy is transferred to restore balance and healing to any areas of special concern.  No Reiki session is identical but generally you’ll experience a deep and soothing calm, warmth or cold and some tingling or pulsing sensations.  Sometimes laughter or happy tears are released during or even after your session.  Even if you fall asleep the benefits are the same. When the session is complete, your Reiki Practitioner will share his or her findings and answer any questions you may have about your experience. 

Amethyst Mat -What to Expect

In addition to the Reiki session, the Amethyst Mat would rest underneath you while lying on the table.  Once you get comfortable on the table, you will start to feel the comfort of the multi-layered air mesh cushions that support your entire body.  The heat (when on) penetrates deep down into your body, creating a relaxing feeling in your muscles as you begin your session.

The Amethyst Mat is said to enhance and help provide additional healing benefits in one’s wellness journey. It contains far infrared rays that cleanse the body. When heated it activates negative ions which neutralize free radicals, enhances immune function, purify the blood, revitalize cells, increases metabolism and aids in healthy digestion. It’s also said that it helps with insomnia, quiets the mind, enhances flexibility, muscle relaxation, removes toxins and so much more.

Resting on a mat full of heated crystals is more relaxing and tranquil than one could imagine!

For more info on the Amethyst Mat go to:


What I Specialize In

Alleviate Pain & Stress

Promote Restful Sleep

Deep Relaxation

Heightened Sense of Well-being

Reiki Treatment

The Journey Towards Wellness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey with Reiki Today.

Being a super busy person, I like the fact I can have remote Reiki sessions in my home around my schedule. I have chronic arthritis, vein issues in my legs and a heart issue. Since my treatments my entire body feels cleaner and the pain is drastically reduced. If I can find time to take advantage of Darlene's amazing talents you can too, and I heartily recommend her services.​

- Judith Wallace

I was so relaxed that I fell into the deepest sleep of my life. After I woke up, I felt calm, rejuvenated, and at peace. The power of Reiki is amazing!

- Diana Rapine

"I had a great experience with Darlene, she made me comfortable and relaxed. She has an amazing bedside manner and is very professional. Darlene was able to give me great knowledge on what reiki is, and also explained our session throughly. I will definitely be going back for more sessions and I highly recommend her services. Reiki is an amazing modality that needs to be put in the forefront of healing, it connects your mind and body and Darlene will establish a peaceful experience through her personalized sessions. I felt amazing and refreshed!

- Heather Reynolds

- Megan Elliott

Darlene is an amazing Reiki Master and I enjoy every time I have had a session. She explained everything very thoroughly prior to the session and takes great care in listening to what areas to focus on. I have had multiple sessions with her and each time it makes me feel better as well as more open spiritually. She has also performed Reiki on my two cocker spaniels, and they love it. My female cocker spaniel always jumps up with me during a virtual session and she is so relaxed afterwards. My male cocker spaniel injured his back and Darlene did virtual sessions on him over a week. He healed so quickly and was acting like his old self in no time with her sessions as well as with resting. I would highly recommend having multiple sessions with her as it gets better each time. She truly takes you on a healing spiritual journey. She has the best energy and I look forward to each of my sessions.​

Absorbed in a rare state of complete relaxation, my virtual experience elevates to a new level that challenges my narrative imagery.  I'll just sum it up as "uniquely memorable."

Reiki has been a real wake-up call in every sense!  It flips on my switches, tunes me in and frees my energy flow regardless of proximity to my practitioner and I'm much more conscious and appreciative of our universal life force.

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